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How do I eat?

30 Jun

I get this question a lot, and found out a friend was demonstrating to others when they asked him how I eat! My teeth are completely wired together with no give, so everything has to be in a complete liquid form.  For most foods I just use a straw.  The thicker the straw the better, most of the time.  It’s a lot of work to always use a straw, so using a thick straw allows me to get more at once. Although my teeth are tight together both horizontally and vertically the liquid still makes it’s way through.  Some things that are very thin I just drink straight from the glass or cup (meal replacement, beer!, naked juice etc.) I find that really cold drinks are kind-of uncomfortable.  Unlike normally when you can put a straw between your teeth, my straw sits right against my teeth.  This causes everything to hit my teeth right away.  I’ve been just keeping my meal replacement shakes at room temperature.  I drink milk shakes occasionally, but they do hurt my teeth a bit.  I tried to use a regular water bottle at first to drink juice, but I had trouble sucking through the mouth piece.  I found a better bottle at Target that has a straw on it, I can drink pretty quickly using this water bottle instead.

Day 20!

30 Jun

Out of the teens, which means I should have less than 10 days left!

Breakfast: Same old shake

Lunch: Progresso Chicken soup blended with 1/3 of a thinned out potato

Snack: Meal Replacement Shake

Snack: Naked Green Machine juice

Dinner: Chicken and Veggie stir fry, blended with chicken broth

I Love My Husband(‘s Insurance Plan) :-)

29 Jun

So I think for the first time in my life, at least in my bill paying life I’ve reached my out of pocket max for insurance.  Although I would have preferred to spend that money on a number of other things, it’s a relief to know that when I go back in for outpatient surgery to have these things removed it won’t cost us anything! Luckily with our plan the OOP max is very low compared to past insurance plans we’ve been on. I know we are beyond fortunate to have such an amazing plan.


29 Jun

I am naturally a very thin build and am always trying to gain weight.  I eat A LOT when I have a functioning jaw.  One of my biggest concerns when I found out I’d be on a liquid diet for at least 5 weeks was losing weight.  I weighed my self the Tuesday before I got my wires on and then today. In 3 weeks I’ve only lost 5lbs. Of course, that is 5lbs I’d rather not lose but it’s not a horrible number.  Once I get the wires off I’ll just have to make a very conscious effort to eat a lot, but keep it healthy . . . well after I binge on all the junk food I’m craving!

Day 19

29 Jun

Breakfast: Same old shake.  This is seriously good and it fills me up!  I use whole milk and regular yogurt since I need all the calories I can get right now. I don’t weigh everything to an exact amount, but my guess would be that I get about 600-700 calories through this shake.  To a normal eating person, this may sound like a lot for breakfast but right now I need to get as much as I can since I’m not snacking nearly as much throughout the day.  For those of you that really know me, you know I can’t afford to really lose weight either!

Lunch: Butternut Squash Soup w/ about 1/2 cup of milk

Snack: Coffee Ice Cream Milkshake and V8 Fusion

Dinner: Progresso Pot Roast Soup, blended and 1/3 of a baked potato thinned with milk and some butter

Snack: Meal Replacement Shake

Food Cravings!

28 Jun

As I get closer to the end of having my jaw wired, I feel I’m craving more and more foods.  Every food I smell, smells good to me.  I’m usually not a huge fan of brats, I’ll eat them but I usually don’t seek them out.  My husband had one yesterday and it looked so amazingly good to me!  For dinner he was craving pizza, so he ordered one. I had read about people blending pizza so I tried it. It worked and tasted OK, but now I want the real thing! The other food I’m craving is french fries! I recall shortly before I crashed I could smell french fries from one of the nearby restaurants. I was thinking how I wanted some, then shortly after I fell.  French fries should be pretty easy to eat once I have my mouth back since they are relatively soft.

Day 18

28 Jun

Breakfast: Same old Shake

Lunch: Meal Replacement Shake

Snack: V8 Fusion

Dinner: Blended Pizza! I put a piece in the blender and put about a 1/3 of a cup of chicken broth, milk and pasta sauce. It was OK.  It was good to taste some different flavors.  My stomach felt kind-of off after, it may have been because I’m not really used to eating cheese after almost 4 weeks of a liquid diet. Now I’m craving a real piece of pizza!

Snack: Meal Replacement Shake

Sore Lips

27 Jun

This weekend was the long awaited BikeMS.  I have to be honest, it was a little difficult for me.  I had been training to ride in this, and feeling pretty good about it until my crash.  One of the biggest let downs once it sunk in that I broke my jaw was that I wouldn’t be able to ride.  My husband still rode, as did many of my friends so I became the unofficial, official photographer.  I was there to take pictures at the start and finish and in-between.

Attending the two days meant I talked way more in the past two days than I probably have the whole time I’ve had on my wires.  The result is the inside of my lips are all cut up and on the right side (broken side) they feel bruised.  I’ve tried the dental wax before, but it ended up coming off and either going to the back of my mouth, causing me to have to swallow it, or it gets stuck on my teeth and is extremely difficult to get off in-between the wires and arch bars.  This week is looking a bit calmer, so hopefully my lips will heal for me.

Day 17

27 Jun

Pre-Breakfast: Costco Meal Replacement Shake (I had to drop Craig off at the BikeMS start at 5:30 am)

I went home and took a little nap . . .

Breakfast: Same old shake 🙂

Lunch: Myoplex Protein Shake (they were giving them out a BikeMS! I was so excited to get ‘food’ that I could ‘eat’ there.) I also had Naked blue machine juice with apple juice.

Snack: Costco Meal Replacement Shake

Dinner: Stouffer’s Lasagna blended with milk. Another yummy frozen meal!

Day 16

25 Jun

Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana, Peanut Butter, Milk, Protein Powder and Flax Seed Shake

Lunch: Corn Soup and Naked Blue Machine Juice

Snack: Costco Meal Replacement Shake

Dinner: Stouffers Chicken, Egg Noodle, Fettuccine and Veggie Frozen meal. Heated and blended with chicken broth.

Snack: V8 Fusion