Sore Lips

27 Jun

This weekend was the long awaited BikeMS.  I have to be honest, it was a little difficult for me.  I had been training to ride in this, and feeling pretty good about it until my crash.  One of the biggest let downs once it sunk in that I broke my jaw was that I wouldn’t be able to ride.  My husband still rode, as did many of my friends so I became the unofficial, official photographer.  I was there to take pictures at the start and finish and in-between.

Attending the two days meant I talked way more in the past two days than I probably have the whole time I’ve had on my wires.  The result is the inside of my lips are all cut up and on the right side (broken side) they feel bruised.  I’ve tried the dental wax before, but it ended up coming off and either going to the back of my mouth, causing me to have to swallow it, or it gets stuck on my teeth and is extremely difficult to get off in-between the wires and arch bars.  This week is looking a bit calmer, so hopefully my lips will heal for me.

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