Food Cravings!

28 Jun

As I get closer to the end of having my jaw wired, I feel I’m craving more and more foods.  Every food I smell, smells good to me.  I’m usually not a huge fan of brats, I’ll eat them but I usually don’t seek them out.  My husband had one yesterday and it looked so amazingly good to me!  For dinner he was craving pizza, so he ordered one. I had read about people blending pizza so I tried it. It worked and tasted OK, but now I want the real thing! The other food I’m craving is french fries! I recall shortly before I crashed I could smell french fries from one of the nearby restaurants. I was thinking how I wanted some, then shortly after I fell.  French fries should be pretty easy to eat once I have my mouth back since they are relatively soft.

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