How do I eat?

30 Jun

I get this question a lot, and found out a friend was demonstrating to others when they asked him how I eat! My teeth are completely wired together with no give, so everything has to be in a complete liquid form.  For most foods I just use a straw.  The thicker the straw the better, most of the time.  It’s a lot of work to always use a straw, so using a thick straw allows me to get more at once. Although my teeth are tight together both horizontally and vertically the liquid still makes it’s way through.  Some things that are very thin I just drink straight from the glass or cup (meal replacement, beer!, naked juice etc.) I find that really cold drinks are kind-of uncomfortable.  Unlike normally when you can put a straw between your teeth, my straw sits right against my teeth.  This causes everything to hit my teeth right away.  I’ve been just keeping my meal replacement shakes at room temperature.  I drink milk shakes occasionally, but they do hurt my teeth a bit.  I tried to use a regular water bottle at first to drink juice, but I had trouble sucking through the mouth piece.  I found a better bottle at Target that has a straw on it, I can drink pretty quickly using this water bottle instead.

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