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Day 15

25 Jun

Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana, Milk, Peanut Butter and Protein Powder Shake

Lunch: Tropical Smoothie – Costco Frozen Tropical Mixed Fruit, Tofu, Coconut Juice and Milk.

Dinner: Can of Campbell’s Minestrone soup blended with chicken broth. Glass of Milk

Snack: V8 Fusion


24 Jun

I have to admit, I have moments where I feel sorry for myself and can not motivate myself to do even the simplest tasks. I have all this time on my hands, but can’t go and do the things I love like hiking and biking. You’d think this would mean the house would be spotless, but it’s not.  (It’s not bad, but it could be better!)  Today I learned of a story that really gave me a reality check though.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook a story of a friend of hers, Dave Blumenthal, that was riding in the Tour Divide and had a head on crash with a motor vehicle.  It was just released that he did not make it, he left behind a wife and a young daughter.  Since learning of his crash I read some blog posts he wrote as well as listened to his “call in” updates from the race.  I did not know him, but he seemed like such a genuine loving man that will be greatly missed by those he knew.  This story made me realize how lucky I really am.  Yes, it sucks have wires on my teeth, not being able to eat and feeling like their is plaque all over the back of my teeth.  But, for me this will all be (mostly) over in about two weeks and the only thing to show for it is a small scar on my chin.  My thoughts are with Dave’s family as they process this terrible tragedy.

Day 14

24 Jun

Day 14 – That means I’ve had these things on for 2 weeks! I’m halfway done! Hopefully my surgeon’s office will call soon to schedule the removal.

Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana, Peanut Butter, Milk and Chocolate Protein Powder Shake. I didn’t like the chocolate protein powder, it was too chalky.

Lunch: Tomato Soup

Snack: Meal Replacement Shake

Dinner: Potato Soup thinned with Milk

Baseball Game Food

23 Jun

We went to the a baseball game on Tuesday night.  Smelling all of the food was driving me crazy! I usually do not eat that much food at events like that, I’m not big on processed ‘fast’ food.  Not being able to eat it, but being able to smell it was really hard though.  Everything smelled so good.  I have a feeling when I get the wires off I’m going to be indulging in lots of food that I usually would not eat.

Day 13

23 Jun

Pre-Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake (I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn’t fall back asleep!)

Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana, Peanut Butter, Milk and Protein Powder Shake.

Lunch: Milk Shake

Snack: V8 Fusion

Dinner: Meal Replacement Shake and Naked Red Machine Juice

Snack: Corn Soup

We went to a baseball game tonight.  I had to bring in my own food, so that messed up my eating a little bit.  By the time we got home a little after 10 I was starving again and had soup for a snack.

Day 12

22 Jun

Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana, Peanut Butter and Milk shake w/ protein powder and flax seed.

Lunch: Tomato Soup w/ Milk.

Snack: Costco Meal Replacement Shake

Dinner: Mango Meal Replacement Shake and a Strawberry slimfast shake.

V8 Fusion throughout the day. A couple beers at Ales4Females.

I met a lady tonight that had, had her jaw wired shut.  It was nice to talk to someone that was truly empathetic to my situation.  She said when she got her wires off it felt like her jaw was going to fall off her face because it actually moved.  Like I’ve heard before, she also said it took her a long time to be able to chew tough foods again.

Day 11

21 Jun

One more weekend down. Weekends seem to be the toughest because that is when the most social activities are available to me. My husband had a nasty cold all weekend so we ended up laying pretty low anyway.

Breakfast: Yogurt, milk, peanut butter and banana shake. . . . I think I might actually continue to drink/eat this when I have my mouth back.

Snack: Peach and Pear smoothie from Whole Foods

Lunch: White bean soup from Whole Foods. Odwalla Fruit and Protein Shake.  I’ve given their protein shakes a few tries and I just don’t like them. They are too earthy/dry to me.

Dinner: Ravioli blended with sauce and milk.

Snack: Costco Meal Replacement Shake


20 Jun

The past week I’ve had trouble sleeping. I am an excellent sleeper and can usually fall asleep in minutes, so this is not normal for me. I haven’t been as active as I usually am, so that may be a cause.  I also feel like my mind is always spinning when I lay down.  I feel like this may because I don’t talk as much during the day as I do when my mouth isn’t wired shut.  I have thoughts and ideas in my head that I don’t get to share with anyone. The last two nights have been better, but I’ve become more active.  Hopefully this trend continues.

Talking . . . I can do it, but it’s not perfect by any means.  My husband usually knows what I’m trying to say and if he doesn’t he’ll give me a confused look.  When we are out I feel like I need him to be my translator/voice. It just seems easier to have him order something for me or explain what happened then it is for me to say it.  I hate being this way, since I’m usually pretty talkative but it’s frustrating when people either pretend they understood what I just said to be polite or they have to say “what?” and I have to keep repeating myself or think of a different way to ask for what I want.

Pain! I’ve been pretty much pain free since I had the wires put on.  This morning I was driving to my in-laws and I had really sharp pain where the break in my jaw is.  This went on for about four hours, then it went away.  Not sure what caused it but I hope it doesn’t come back.

Day 10

20 Jun

Breakfast: Banana, Yogurt, Peanut Butter Shake. We ran out of milk last night so I used half a chocolate Costco Meal Replacement Shake

Lunch: Carrot Ginger Soup and Blue Machine Juice

Snack: V8 Fusion

Dinner: Potato Soup, blended. Remaining half of the Costco Meal Replacement Shake from the morning.

Dessert: Coffee Milk Shake

Day 9

19 Jun

Breakfast: My new favorite shake.  Yogurt, Milk, Peanut Butter, Protein Powder and Flax Seed.

Snack: V8 Fusion

Lunch: I attempted to blend Annies Mac and Cheese. This was a big FAIL!! I ate some, then supplemented with some naked blue machine and a Costco Chocolate weight loss shake.

Dinner: Same as the last three nights . . . split pea soup and sweet potato.

Snack: Costco Meal Replacement Shake

I managed to mow the entire lawn today (about 1/2 an acre) with the push mower! I was afraid I’d get winded, but I felt good.  It was nice to break a sweat and do something slightly physical.