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Lack of Posting. . .

9 Aug

So every blog I’ve read about broken jaws seems to get to this point, the point where they pretty much stop posting. I don’t have much to report on.  I feel pretty normal now.  My jaw is still sore if I open too wide, but overall I don’t feel like I have many limits with food.  The biggest thing would be I don’t really enjoy eating sandwiches yet. I can eat them if I try, but it is a lot of work and usually very messy. If that is the only option, I usually try to get a wrap rather than a big piece of bread.

If you find my blog because you have recently broke your jaw, feel free to comment to me if you have any questions.  If you decide to keep your own blog, I’d love to add it to my blog roll.  That said, it always makes me a little sad when I check the hits on the blog and there is a big spike.  I assume that means someone else has broken their jaw and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I’m glad I can hopefully provide others with a little help to get through it.  Keep your head up and it will be behind you before you know it!

3 Week Update

2 Aug

So it has been a little over three weeks since I go the wires off. I feel like I’m eating 90%+ of foods.  I’ve had a steak, a good piece of sirlion that was not tough.  I can eat a sandwich if it isn’t too big or on hard bread like a roll or a bagel.  I have not tried an apple and don’t think I’m ready to eat one whole yet.  I can comfortably get two fingers into my mouth with a very minimal amount of extra space.  I’ve also been regularly eating salad which is so nice since we have a garden full of fresh veggies! Overall I’m finding it easier to go out to dinner and even to cook.  If something is too hard to eat, I just cut it down to a more manageable size.