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2+ Years Later

5 Sep

According to my dentist, I now have a “normal persons jaw”.  I can still feel it a little. Every now and then it clicks, but it does not cause me pain or keep me from eating anything. I still can’t bring myself to eat an apple. I think that is more because of the tooth I chipped though. My dentist built it up twice only for it to fall out, so I always had that fear. I now have a crown which shouldn’t fall out, but if it did that pain would be beyond belief.  So, if not being able to eat an apple is the worst long term effect of my accident I think I’m doing alright.

I keep getting comments from people who have broken their jaws. It’s weird how there is this little community of us. I have to admit, I’d rather not be a member, but I am. I am glad my blog will hopefully help someone else make it through their time weird shut.  If you have just stumbled across my blog, feel free to leave a comment or a link to your own blog.  I know I found it comforting to connect with other people who had been through a broken jaw before.