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Necessary Equipment!

12 Jun

A GOOD Blender – This is priceless.  Luckily we had just decided to invest in one about a month before my crash.  I can throw anything in it and have it in liquid form in less than 60 seconds. We have a “blendtec”

A Water Pic – This is extremely helpful since brushing your teeth is difficult.  The water pic helps to push out any junk that is stuck in the wires.  A Rx mouthwash helps to clean out the inside of your mouth that can be reached.  I use it AT LEAST 4 times a day.

A Child sized toothbrush – An adult sized tooth brush won’t fit around the metal in your mouth.

Mouthwash – It’s the only way to clean the inside of your mouth.

Straws – It’s pretty much the only way you can eat.

Water Bottle w/ a straw – I find it easier to drink juice/water this way.

Baby/Toddler Medicine Spoon – Any medication you have will be liquid form, so this helps to consume your medicine.

Nice to Have:

A neck pillow – The kind that people use on an airplane. This really helped before my jaw was shut to alleviate pressure when sleeping. I still use it to keep my head still when I sleep.

A supportive significant other – Mine has kept me positive and been there for me whenever needed. He has gone above and beyond his duty!

An animal companion – My Dog has barely left my side since I initially came home from the ER.  He knew his Mom needed some TLC and is always right there to cuddle up next to me when I’m resting.