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8 Jul

I had my wires and arch bars removed this morning! It was a pretty quick procedure, I went into surgery at 7:15 and walked out of the hospital shortly after 8.  I can open my mouth about one finger width.  There is muscle fatigue, especially on the left side.  My lower teeth look a little black, I’m hoping that is from the Novocaine they had squirted into my mouth. After we left the hospital we went out to breakfast!! I had a biscuit, eggs over medium, potatoes and a sausage patty.  The sausage was very difficult to eat. It was a little too chewy.  They eggs were relativly easy, I just broke them into small pieces and shoved them in. The potatoes were OK as long as they were not charred (I usually like those ones the best!), the biscuit was OK except some of the top crusty part.  Given I can only open my mouth about a finger width getting fork with food in is hard, so I think small finger food will be best for a couple days.  When we got home I brushed my teeth. It felt so good to really brush the front! I couldn’t fit the toothbrush in to the back, even with a child sized toothbrush, I was able to stick the water pik in though. My gum’s are bloody, but that is to be expected.  I’m going to call the dentist later today to schedule a cleaning and consult to fix my chipped tooth.

On the pain scale I’m less than a 1 when I’m not moving my mouth and probably a 2-3 when I move it.  It’s weird when I open my mouth I feel like it is WIDE open, and really isn’t! The doctor said to just move it around throughout the day to exercise the muscles and get them used to moving again.

Feeling sleepy now, so off to take a nap. I’ll post an update later.

Removal Scheduled!!!

1 Jul

EEEEK I am so excited! My doctors office just called and they have scheduled my removal for 7:15 next Thursday morning.  In LESS than a week I will be wire free! The countdown has officially begun! I have never been so excited to go to the hospital, have a nurse poke at me to get an IV in and then go under.

Day 1

11 Jun

I arrived at day surgery with my husband at 8 am. I was a little nervous, but by this point I had come to terms with what was going on. The week leading up to this moment, I searched the internet for other’s accounts on their experience having their jaw wired shut, but did not find much.

The pre-op nurses got me ready to go back to surgery. This included putting an IV into me, checking vitals, and me changing into the surgery gown. My nurse was excellent and made sure I was comfortable.

My surgeon came in to help clarify any questions for me, which really helped and put me at ease. He had, had his jaw wired shut before so it was comforting that he’s been in the same situation as me.

The anesthesiologist then came in to let me know what was going to happen from his perspective. He told me I would have tubes down my nose, so I would most likely wake up with sore throat. He also checked to see if I had a tendency to get motion sick, which I do. He put a motion sickness patch on the back of my ear. Make sure to ask for this if you have any tendency to get motion sick. He started some medication in the pre-op room that made me a little drowsy, so I barely remember being wheeled into surgery. The last thing I remember is them putting a mask on me.

The surgery took a little over an hour. I remember somebody saying my name, and I kind-of woke up. I was shaking a lot, so they put heated blankets on me from head to toe. I laid in recovery for probably about 30 mins. At this time the surgeon went to talk to my husband and let him know everything went well. Once the nurse was comfortable with my vitals, they brought me to the post-op room.

My husband met me in post-op. Talking was easier than I thought, but still not as easy when your jaw is open. My nurse got me a milkshake, since I hadn’t had anything to eat in about 15 hours at that point. Drinking through a straw was slower than normal, but I was able to drink the whole milk shake before I was released.

The hospital released me around 1, so in all I was at the hospital for five hours. I went straight to my bed, took the anti nausea medicine and passed out for about 4 hours. When I woke up I really felt great, despite not being able to open my mouth. I drank and odwalla smoothie and some water. My throat was dry from the anesthesia tubes.

I later ate dinner with my family, I had tomato soup and an ensure. I had a milkshake a couple hours later. Before going to bed I took my pain medicine and nausea medicine. This helped me go to sleep right away.