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Facing my Fear

15 Jul

On Tuesday I got back on my bike for the first time since the crash.  I wasn’t too nervous about it before hand.  However, when I first got on the bike my heart was pounding. It took about two miles for me to get comfortable.  Once I got over all the nerves I really enjoyed my ride.  It felt so good to do what I love again and get a good workout.  I could tell I was slightly more timid and my eyes were glued to the road the whole time.  In time I’m sure I’ll get over the fear and relax a little bit.

If you broke your jaw participating in a sport I encourage you to get back to it as soon as you are able to.  It mentally is challenging at first, but once you do it feels really good.

The Bike Crash

7 Jun

So, I fell off my bike Thursday evening. I was riding home on the bike path and wiped out. To be honest I really don’t even know how or why I fell. It all happened so quickly. I knew right away I chipped my tooth, and pretty much thought that was all that happened. Shook up, I hopped back on the bike and rode home. As soon as I saw Craig I became hysterical, but still did not realize the extent of my injuries. He started to clean me up, then insisted that we go to the ER. I objected, then finally gave in. Craig is usually pretty calm so I figured it really must be worse than I was admitting. At the ER I mostly met with the ER doctor. In the end it was determined that I needed seven stitches in my chin, had a broken jaw, a chipped tooth and several abrasions (some of which I didn’t find until the following day).Since that happened on Thursday (3+ days ago) I’ve mostly stayed on the couch. Yesterday I decided to go with Craig to the members party at Lefthand. We’d been looking forward to it for awhile, and I was starting to feel a bit down being stuck in the house. I brought my own drink (no beer with pain meds!) and food. It was nice to be surrounded by a support network that truly cared about me. Craig had already told our friends there about the fall, so they were happy to see me out and about, despite me looking a bit pathetic and feeling slightly exhausted. There was one woman there, whom I’ve never met that just starred at me like I was an alien. I’m sure I’m guilty of doing this to others at some point, but I’ve never been on the receiving end. It was truly eye opening. For me my injury is temporary and it did not effect my cognitive function at all. However, there are many people out there that are not as fortunate. Being treated this way really made me think about others that are treated and looked upon in a negative way daily. I think everyone should go through an experience like this to understand how insensitive others can be. Luckily for me it was one person out of about 200, but it still made me feel belittled. What happened to me could happen to anyone.

I’m still debating riding the bikeMS. There is SAG support, so I can stop at any rest stop and hop a ride to the finish line. My biggest concern right now is being able to consume enough liquid calories to nourish my body to ride. Once I talk to the oral surgeon I think I’ll be able to make a better decision.