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Facing my Fear

15 Jul

On Tuesday I got back on my bike for the first time since the crash.  I wasn’t too nervous about it before hand.  However, when I first got on the bike my heart was pounding. It took about two miles for me to get comfortable.  Once I got over all the nerves I really enjoyed my ride.  It felt so good to do what I love again and get a good workout.  I could tell I was slightly more timid and my eyes were glued to the road the whole time.  In time I’m sure I’ll get over the fear and relax a little bit.

If you broke your jaw participating in a sport I encourage you to get back to it as soon as you are able to.  It mentally is challenging at first, but once you do it feels really good.


8 Jul

I had my wires and arch bars removed this morning! It was a pretty quick procedure, I went into surgery at 7:15 and walked out of the hospital shortly after 8.  I can open my mouth about one finger width.  There is muscle fatigue, especially on the left side.  My lower teeth look a little black, I’m hoping that is from the Novocaine they had squirted into my mouth. After we left the hospital we went out to breakfast!! I had a biscuit, eggs over medium, potatoes and a sausage patty.  The sausage was very difficult to eat. It was a little too chewy.  They eggs were relativly easy, I just broke them into small pieces and shoved them in. The potatoes were OK as long as they were not charred (I usually like those ones the best!), the biscuit was OK except some of the top crusty part.  Given I can only open my mouth about a finger width getting fork with food in is hard, so I think small finger food will be best for a couple days.  When we got home I brushed my teeth. It felt so good to really brush the front! I couldn’t fit the toothbrush in to the back, even with a child sized toothbrush, I was able to stick the water pik in though. My gum’s are bloody, but that is to be expected.  I’m going to call the dentist later today to schedule a cleaning and consult to fix my chipped tooth.

On the pain scale I’m less than a 1 when I’m not moving my mouth and probably a 2-3 when I move it.  It’s weird when I open my mouth I feel like it is WIDE open, and really isn’t! The doctor said to just move it around throughout the day to exercise the muscles and get them used to moving again.

Feeling sleepy now, so off to take a nap. I’ll post an update later.

Removal Scheduled!!!

1 Jul

EEEEK I am so excited! My doctors office just called and they have scheduled my removal for 7:15 next Thursday morning.  In LESS than a week I will be wire free! The countdown has officially begun! I have never been so excited to go to the hospital, have a nurse poke at me to get an IV in and then go under.


24 Jun

I have to admit, I have moments where I feel sorry for myself and can not motivate myself to do even the simplest tasks. I have all this time on my hands, but can’t go and do the things I love like hiking and biking. You’d think this would mean the house would be spotless, but it’s not.  (It’s not bad, but it could be better!)  Today I learned of a story that really gave me a reality check though.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook a story of a friend of hers, Dave Blumenthal, that was riding in the Tour Divide and had a head on crash with a motor vehicle.  It was just released that he did not make it, he left behind a wife and a young daughter.  Since learning of his crash I read some blog posts he wrote as well as listened to his “call in” updates from the race.  I did not know him, but he seemed like such a genuine loving man that will be greatly missed by those he knew.  This story made me realize how lucky I really am.  Yes, it sucks have wires on my teeth, not being able to eat and feeling like their is plaque all over the back of my teeth.  But, for me this will all be (mostly) over in about two weeks and the only thing to show for it is a small scar on my chin.  My thoughts are with Dave’s family as they process this terrible tragedy.