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1 Week Wireless Update

15 Jul

The wires have been off for a week now! I have been enjoying being able to eat real food again! I’ve been keeping my food relatively soft, but haven’t limited myself too much. Some examples of meals:

  • Pizza, cut up into bite sized pieces
  • Chicken w/ squash
  • Burrito Bowl from Qdoba (pulled pork)
  • Eggs in many forms (omelets, scrambled, fried)
  • Salmon w/ grilled veggies
  • Pasta cooked a little softer than I normally like, but not super soft

I find eating doesn’t hurt as long as I approach it the right way by putting small bites in my mouth.  I ate a cracker the other day, the piece was too big and it got stuck in between my teeth and my cheek. I was at meeting with people watching so I didn’t want to stick my finger in mouth and sweep it out. It took a little work, but I got it back to where I could eat it.  I can’t eat any type of sandwich yet, which is kind-of hard since it is summer.  It seems they are often a choice at parties/events.

Usually by the end of the night I’m a bit sore. This is most true on days that I talked a lot of ate a lot! Lately I’ve been doing both. It’s probably a good thing for me though to actually use my mouth.

Wireless Day 1

9 Jul

I was out of the removal surgery by 8 am, so I had a full day 1.  By the end I could open my mouth about 1.5 fingers. I got two fingers in after doing some stretches with my jaw. I tried to take a nap all day, but couldn’t. It may have been because I had a cup of coffee for the first time in 5 weeks at breakfast!  I ate humus with flour tortillas for lunch. I tore them into bite sized pieces. It was a little painful, but not horrible.  I had a cheese stick for a snack.  I let it sit out a little to warm up so it’d be a little softer.  That was pretty easy to eat.  For dinner we had ravioli with pesto. Again, I broke it into bite sized pieces to limit chewing and especially breaking it apart with my front teeth.  I ate my whole plate and for the first time chewed with my right molars (broken side).  I thought I’d be wiped by the end of the day, and I really wasn’t.

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs about wired jaws abruptly end when the wires come off.  I was (and still am) very curious about the recovery process after, so I am going to continue to write for a while to help others know what they can expect. Of course everyone is different and I think my case was minor overall in comparison to others. I only broke my mandible in one spot on the right side and my bite was not compromised at all.